Jewelry & Watch Repair

Jewelry & Watch Repair

We offer a broad range of repair services here at Neece Jewelers. A bench jeweler is in store at all times to assist with any questions and perform free estimates for you. All services are performed on site. Convenient same-day express service is available when applicable.

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Our Jewelry Repair Services include:

  • Chain and bracelet repair.
  • Repairing and replacing clasps, chain soldering, shortening chain length.
  • Replacing lost diamonds or colored stones/ resetting diamonds or colored stones.
  • Refurbish outdated jewelry, upgrade engagement ring, or custom design your own piece.
  • Prong repair on rings: A necessary maintenance for engagement rings and any other valuable stone. Free prong checks always available during store hours.
  • Restringing pearls and beaded jewelry.
  • Pearl knotting, add a pearl necklaces, beaded necklaces and bracelets.
  • Watch battery replacement.
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Watch Band Adjustment/Replacement

Walk in to have your watch battery replaced or feel free to stop by and speak with Matt for any other concern you have regarding your watches. Estimates are always free and services are always prompt.

Watch Battery Replacement

Batteries typically range from $8- $10 and are done in less than 10 minutes.

Routine Watch Cleaning

An often neglected service necessary for optimal performance of your time piece. Just as your car needs an oil change, your watch requires the same maintenance in order to function. Wheels inside your watch rotate on pivots similar to ball bearings in a car.  Over time the oil deteriorates and causes the watch to run slowly or stop altogether. Movement maintenance is recommended by most manufacturers to be completed every 3-5 years.

Watch Stem and Crown Repair/Replacement

  • Crystal Replacement
  • Scratched Crystals or Cracked Crystals are common watch damage occurring from everyday wear. Most crystal sizes are kept in stock for faster service.
  • Watch Band Replacement or Adjusting
  • Link Adjustments, Watch Band Replacement
  • Water Resistance Testing