Appraisals are necessary in order to establish the proper worth of your jewelry for insurance purposes. You can rest assured that at Neece Jewelers you will receive an accurate and comprehensive appraisal. Holding certification from Gemological Institute of America and encompassing over 41 years of experience, Pam posses a deep-rooted intelligence in evaluating your pieces.

FAQ's regarding appraisals: Why do I need an appraisal?

The most common reason for getting a jewelry appraisal is for insurance purposes. However, we also do appraisals for fair market value and estate inheritance. It is highly recommended that you keep an up to date appraisal on your cherished pieces. The value of your jewelry can fluctuate greatly and in the event that something gets lost or stolen it is unfortunate if the appraised value is not accurate.

What will be included in my appraisal?

Each appraisal includes complete laboratory testing of your jewelry and an appraisal report for your records. The report contains the following information:      

  • The content and weight of precious metals.     

  • A detailed description of diamonds and gemstones (carat weight, cut, clarity, color, proportion, measurements and finish). 

  • Photograph if requested.

  • The appraised value of your jewelry.

How do I get my jewelry insured after my appraisal is finished?

We recommend you contact Jewelers Mutual Insurance. They are widely recognized and highly reputable.  

How can I be sure that my appraisal is accurate?

You can be confident that you will get a thorough and precise appraisal from Pam. While her accreditation from GIA qualifies her to perform this service, her experience in this field sets her apart. After carefully examining and testing your pieces she will declare value based on current market values derived from a computerized networking system that constantly monitors prices through the industry and compares retail prices.

Do I have to leave my jewelry in order to be appraised?

You do not have to leave your jewelry in order to be appraised. However, in order to accurately appraise your piece, it must be free of all dirt, dust and oils. This can be done in store by soaking your items in our professional ultrasonic jewelry cleaner or we can advise you on a safe solution to  perform this process at home. 

Do my diamonds need to be removed in order to be properly appraised?

Your diamonds do not have to be removed in order to perform the appraisal. All tests are completely safe and will not damage or altar your jewelry in any way. 

Do I need to schedule an appointment for this service?

It is highly recommended that you schedule an appointment. This will insure you do not encounter wait time and receive individualized service. You may book your appointment by phone or online using the link below.

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