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Design your own or choose from our collection! We offer a vast array of options for every style and budget. We welcome any questions you have and encourage you to explore the unique characteristics of high quality diamonds.  Our team here at Neece Jewelers is highly knowledgeable and will guide you through this process helping you to make a well informed decision.  At Neece Jewelers, we only sell the highest quality diamonds. 

The 4 C's- Cut, Carat, Color, Clarity

Created by the Gemological institute of America, The "Four C's" is the first and only globally accepted descriptor of diamond quality. No two diamonds are ever the same. They all possess their own unique characteristics. Therefore, in order to know the character of an individual diamond, one must identify these four components.


Cut VS Shape

The cut of a diamond is not to be confused with the shape. When referencing the cut of a diamond we are referring to the inner symmetries. This is often noted as the most important characteristic of a diamond because this is what gives the diamond its reflective properties. In other words, the cut is where the sparkle comes from. A well cut diamond will direct light in the proper manner enhancing its appearance significantly. A grading system has been put in place in order to decipher the diamond cut quality. This grading system is as follows:

Ideal-Premium-Very Good-Good-Fair-Poor



While shape does differ from cut. The shape still plays a role in the brilliance of  a diamond. This is a matter of personal preference but one should take into account that some diamonds will appear more radiant according to shape.



Carat is determined by the weight of a diamond and  is the most commonly discussed element when choosing one. However, the worth of two diamonds of the same carat weight can vary greatly considering the quality of the cut, color, and clarity. If all other values are considered equal, worth increases as carat weight increases. It is also important to note, a sudden increase in value will often occur  when advancing to the next carat level. Such as, a diamond weighing 1.05tcw will have a significantly higher price than a diamond weighing .95tcw.



The color grading of  a diamond is referring to the amount of color within a diamond. The color will never change and the less color the diamond consists of the higher the value. The color scale ranges from letters  D-Z, D being colorless proceeding to Z as the presence of color increases.



Clarity refers to the amount of tiny imperfections  found in most diamonds. Highly sought after flawless diamonds a very rare and costly. Therefore, keep in mind that it is very common for diamonds to be formed with slight imperfections. The grading system created by GIA is determined by a trained professional under a 10x magnification microscope and is often invisible to the naked eye. Here at Neece Jewelers we are happy to pull out our microscope so that you may make an informed choice knowing exactly what you are getting.